(YC W08) launches v2.0—write JS apps that compile natively to iOS/Android, now with native modules

by Y Combinator7/29/2013 makes it simple for web developers to create native mobile apps for iOS and Android by using JavaScript to compose different native features.

Today we release our v2 platform which enables developers to create and re-use native modules provided by 3rd parties.

In the past if you wanted to add a native feature to your app that was not supported by existing Forge APIs, you would have to dive down into native code yourself or hire a contractor to do that. v2.0 is a big deal since developers can now make the native modules they’ve built on top of available for re-use.

Ultimately this means you’ll be able to select from a much broader range of native features – both the core APIs built by our team and others contributed by 3rd parties – and combine them with the best of HTML5.

You can see some examples on modules page right now: have created a push notifications module powered by Urban Airship
Fetchnotes have created a module which lets you selectively hide the iOS form assistant
The team added a crash reporting module integrating the Crashlytics SDK

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