Truebill (W16) Keeps Track of All Your Subscription Payments in One Place

by Y Combinator2/5/2016

Many things that used to be bought with a single upfront fee are now handled with recurrent payments. Album purchases have been replaced by Spotify, software like Photoshop and
Microsoft Office are now subscriptions, and things like food and
shaving razors are handled by services like Blue Apron and Dollar Shave

Truebill is a startup in our current Winter 2016 class that helps you track and manage all of your subscriptions and recurring payments in one place.

TechCrunch’s Matt Lynley wrote about Truebill and how it got started in an article this week:

“When Yahya Mokhtarzada got a $40 bill from Gogo, he started taking a
closer look at the subscriptions on his bank statement. It turned out
that he had been subscribed to the service for more than a year — which
racked up to a substantial amount of money.

‘I called them to give me a refund on it, which was nice, but I said
how many people are out there that have these subscriptions out there,’
Mokhtarzada said.

…The result was TrueBill, a
company launching out of beta today. TrueBill works with companies like
Plaid to sift through bank statements and determine what subscriptions
users have. Users can then monitor those subscriptions and, through an
automated process, unsubscribe to them.”

Read the full article here.


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