Watch the Female Founders Conference Live Stream

by Y Combinator6/29/2017

The stream will begin at 2PM PST on June 29, 2017.

The world needs more women-led companies.

One way we will get there faster is by building a community where successful women can share their stories and advice for those who are in earlier stages of building a company.

This year’s speakers include:
Laura Behrens-Wu · Co-Founder & CEO, Shippo
Morgan DeBaun · Co-Founder & CEO, Blavity
Diane Greene · Senior Vice President, Google Cloud
Elizabeth Iorns · Co-Founder & CEO, Science Exchange
Erika Jensen · Co-Founder, The Flex Company
Aileen Lee · Founder & Partner, Cowboy Ventures
Avni Patel Thompson · Co-Founder & CEO, Poppy
Vanessa Torrivilla · Co-Founder & CCO, Goldbely
Padmasree Warrior · CEO & CDO, NIO USA
Emily Weiss · Founder & CEO, Glossier


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