ICYMI: Watch 40+ founders pitch at YC's Work at a Startup Expo

by Ryan Choi12/11/2020

If you’ve ever wondered what YC’s Demo Day is like, YC’s annual Work at a Startup Expo is a peek behind the curtain. Founders share what’s unique about their company, business and team, and attendees get to meet founders 1-1 to learn more. Granted, these pitches are geared a bit more towards hiring and engineering, but the stakes are still high and founders share the same energy and drive as during Demo Day. (And hiring a great early team is often as important as raising an early round.)

We were lucky to be joined by 40+ founders for this year’s virtual event. There was a wider range of startups, from up-and-coming seed-stage startups like WhatNot and Candid Health, to post-Series A companies Pulley and Welcome.

We’re sharing the recording in case people are interested in crafting their pitch, learning about new technology or even joining a YC startup themselves. (Joining a startup is often the best way to learn what it’s like to start your own.) Watch the pitches above, and learn more about the companies and see open positions on YC’s Work at a Startup:



  • Ryan Choi

    Ryan works with YC companies to find great engineers — from 2-person startups to larger ones like Airbnb, Stripe and Instacart.