Weave (YC S14) Adds Groups And Events To Its ‘Tinder For Networking’ App

by Y Combinator8/8/2014

Professional networking app Weave wants to help professionals find others that they’d like to meet with, through a double opt-in selection process. Now it’s making it easier for users going to events or part of professional organizations to find one another with a new feature being added to the app.

Weave takes the Tinder model of swiping left or right to indicate which people you’d like to meet with and applies it to professional networking. Like Tinder, it takes into account a user’s location to ensure that people who get matched up are actually able to have coffee or otherwise meet with one another.

You just download the app, link it to their LinkedIn account, and it will use the data there to generate a profile page. After that’s done, you can go to town swiping left and right and then message the folks you have mutual interest in meeting. It’s a pretty useful little tool that I’ve used to meet up with a few investors and founders that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across. Fun!


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