Weebly (YC W07) launches e-commerce capabilities, lets you sell unlimited products for $29/mo

by Y Combinator11/6/2013

It’s been said that under half the businesses in the United States don’t have a presence on the web beyond a quick listing by Google. Part of the reason is that website hosting can be expensive and complicated. Website builder Weebly, which says it hosts blogs and websites for 20 million people, wants to tackle the problem by appealing to part-time entrepreneurs who’d like an online store, but can’t afford the real estate. It’s spent the last two years building an e-commerce platform that makes it simple enough to create a free e-commerce site entirely on a smartphone, and in a few minutes.

“One of the things we’ve learned about our users in the last couple of  years is that 60% consider themselves entrepreneurs,” says CEO Dave Rusenko. In response he’s now offering them an eCommerce plan which includes a basic, free version for a site with features like product search, mobile checkout and the ability to sell up to five products. Selling unlimited products will cost $29 a month.

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