Welcome Geoff

by Alexis Ohanian1/27/2012

We’re happy to announce that Y Combinator has recruited Geoff Ralston as our newest partner.

I’ve known Geoff for 13 years.  The company he founded, Four11, was acquired by Yahoo just before Viaweb was. Their product, RocketMail, became Yahoo Mail.  Geoff was in engineering at Yahoo before running a business unit and eventually becoming Chief Product Officer.

More recently he was CEO of Lala, which was acquired by Apple in 2009.  He’s a perfect match for YC because he’s smart and energetic, and yet informal and a super nice guy.  He’s also a founding partner at Imagine K12, the educational technology incubator,  where he’s going to continue being a full partner with our enthusiastic support.


  • Alexis Ohanian