Willing (YC S15) Is The Simplest Way To Plan For The Inevitable

by Alexis Ohanian7/13/2015

Willing is a startup launching today out of our current class that’s developed a simple and free way to make a
legal will and leave your affairs in order.

Anyone who has
dealt with planning for the death of a loved one
knows the process can be
expensive, complicated, and depressing. In fact, it is so cumbersome
that many people forgo tackling it altogether: Research indicates that
around 55% of adult
Americans don’t have a will or estate plan at all. That means that
after they pass away, their next of kin is left to deal with complicated
financial and legal decisions in addition to their grief.

Willing aims to ease that burden with a free,
easy-to-use platform that anyone can use to plan for the inevitable. In less than 10 minutes, Willing helps you create a will that’s legally sound in all 50 states.

TechCrunch’s Catherine Shu interviewed Willing’s co-founders Eliam Medina and Rob Dyson and reviewed Willing’s platform in an in-depth post published today:

“Willing is divided into two main products. The first is an online
tool that helps users create a will or living will (a document that
outlines their wishes for end-of-life care) in minutes. The second,
which Medina and Dyson are currently fine-tuning, is a platform that
lets users find and compare costs for funeral homes and cemeteries.

Making a will on Willing is very easy. Aside from basic information,
like the names of your beneficiaries, there are no forms to fill out.
Instead, you answer questions for each section (distribution of
property, final arrangements, executors, etc) by clicking buttons.
Willing generates a document and instructions for how to make it legally
valid by having it signed in front of witnesses. It took me less than
five minutes to make a basic will on the site.”

Read more about Willing on TechCrunch, and the related Hacker News discussion.



  • Alexis Ohanian