YC Biotech Fireside and Happy Hour - 9/17

by Y Combinator9/13/2019

The MIT Biotech Group and The Harvard Biotech Club are hosting us on Tuesday, September 17 for a fireside and happy hour with YC partner Jared Friedman and Visiting Partner Dr. Uri Lopatin.

Since 2014, YC has funded over 250 bio companies making us one of the greatest supporters of early stage biotech founders in the world. Learn what it takes to launch and scale a company and hear how and why biotech startup funding will change in the next 10 years.

If you’re interested in one day starting a life sciences company or you’re in the early stages of building one, we’d love to meet you.

YC Biotech Fireside and Happy Hour
6-7 PM: YC Info Session – 46-3189 McGovern Seminar Room​, Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex
7:30-9 PM: Happy Hour – Cambridge Commonwealth
RSVP here, open to all


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