YC Companies Looking for Summer 2021 Interns

by Ryan Choi4/15/2021

With summer just around the corner, YC startups have projects that could benefit from the help of industrious student interns. Over 20 startups have posted open positions on YC’s Work at a Startup, which range from engineering to marketing to sales and more.

Really promising startups are hiring this summer, including:

  • OpenSea (W18) is the largest marketplace for NFTs, and is also where digital artist Beeple regularly showcases and sells his own work. They’re based in New York and looking for a Software Engineering Intern to join the team and help scale the platform.
  • Moonshot Brands (W21) just recently graduated from YC, and is building a vehicle to acquire, operate, and grow profitable e-commerce brands. They’re looking for an eager MBA Private Equity intern to learn how to use software to pick and optimize their portfolio.
  • Lucy Goods, Inc (W18) is on a mission to reduce tobacco-related harm to people by developing nicotine-based food-grade products. They’re in need of a Growth/BD intern to help them find new growth channels and drive projects to test them out.
  • FightCamp (W16) has delivered one of the first connected at-home boxing experiences, and needs great marketing and advertising interns to help develop the brand and increase their distribution.
  • Advanced Robotic Construction (W21) is building homes with robots, and needs mechanical and software engineers to help them fulfill a backlog of $107M in orders.

As an added perk of interning at a YC startup, students can also participate in the YC Summer Internship program, which includes a speaker series on founding startups, career panels, and 1-1 mentorship. There’s also a growing community of current and former interns, some of whom have gone on to startup their own companies. (Sara from Alloy Automation (W20) was actually a former participant in the internship program.)

If you’re still looking for a great opportunity to learn, work with great founders and gain some hands-on experience, check out the below list of YC companies looking for fall interns, and apply to them all with a single profile at Work at a Startup:



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