YC Digest - 7/31-8/6

by Y Combinator8/7/2015

Top Stories from the YC World – July 31-August 6, 2015

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Luke Iseman Joins YC Full-Time to Support Hardware and Biotech

Welcome Simon

Startup School Radio

YC S15 Launches
Cofactor Genomics Is Studying RNA Testing To Diagnose Disease Earlier

Vernox Labs Uses Predictive Analysis To Help Construction Projects Actually Finish On Time

80,000 Hours Helps Top Graduates Choose Careers That Matter

Oolu Supplies Affordable Solar Energy To Off-Grid Villages In West Africa

Shotput Is Like AWS For Warehousing And Fulfillment

Locent Is An E-Commerce Platform That’s Powered Entirely By Text Messages

GrowSumo Helps Companies Create And Manage Partner Programs

Saida Helps People In Emerging Markets Get Credit Through Their Mobile Phones

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