YC Fireside and Office Hours in NYC - Feb 10

by Y Combinator1/28/2020

Join us for a fireside, hosted by Harvard in Tech, with YC partner Aaron Harris. Aaron was the founder of edtech company Tutorspree (a startup that was based in NY) and has been a partner at Y Combinator since 2013. He’ll share what he’s learned from working with over 1,000 startups, and he’ll talk about some of the myths around starting a startup and getting into YC.

YC Fireside with Aaron Harris
Time: Monday, February 10 – 6pm-8pm
Location: Microsoft Reactor, 11 Times Square, 5th floor, New York, NY 10036
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YC Office Hours in NYC
Aaron will also be hosting group office hours earlier in the day. Group office hours are 45 minutes long and include up to four other teams. In addition to getting feedback from Aaron, you’ll have the chance to meet other founders and hear about each others’ biggest challenges. You’ll come to find early stage companies are all facing similar problems. If you’re in the early stages of building a company, we’d love to talk to you.
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