YC in Toronto and Seattle

by Kat Mañalac1/4/2018

This winter, YC will be hosting office hours and talks in cities across the US and Canada*. The full list will be released later this month, but for our first two stops, we’ll be visiting Toronto and Seattle.

In each of these cities, you’ll get a chance to meet and hear from people in the YC community (the YC team or alumni).

If you are starting a startup or have questions about YC, we want to meet you.

We hope you can join us there!

Jan 19-20: University of Toronto: The Hatchery’s Accelerator Weekend
Jan 20: Sign up for Office Hours (deadline: Jan 11)

Feb 1: University of Washington: Startup UW
Feb 2: Sign up for Office Hours (deadline: Jan 19)
Feb 3: Female Founders Conference – Seattle (deadline: Jan 19)

*We’ll be visiting more cities around the world this fall.


  • Kat Mañalac

    Kat is the Managing Outreach Officer at YC. She was Chief of Staff to Alexis Ohanian, cofounder of reddit, before joining YC as its Director of Outreach. Prior to that, Kat was at WIRED Magazine.