YC W17 Launch: UpKeep, Basecamp for Facility Maintenance Teams

by Y Combinator1/25/2017

UpKeep, a company in the YC Winter 2017 batch, and one of their YC group partners will be on Hacker News today to talk about what they’re building.

Ask them questions on this thread.

What are you making?
UpKeep is building Basecamp for facility maintenance teams.

Why did YC invest in UpKeep?
“Ryan has created an incredible product for facility maintenance. Both the maintenance workers and their managers love it.” – Tim Brady, YC Partner

How is it better than other options on the market?
The desktop software used by most facilities teams has an interface that’s so difficult to use most people revert to pen/paper and manually entering data into Excel.

Why did you build UpKeep?
The founder, Ryan Chan, was an engineer at a chemical manufacturing plant and saw the maintenance techs using pen and paper to track their tasks and record field data. Ryan decided there had to be a better way for maintenance teams to work together and communicate – so he quit his job, learned to code and built UpKeep.

Ask UpKeep questions here.


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