YC W20 Online Demo Day

by Y Combinator3/6/2020

Edit: YC W20 Demo Day is now on March 16. See here for more info.

On March 23, YC will host our 30th Demo Day online. With the growing concern over COVID-19, we believe this is the right thing to do for the safety of all attendees, including our team, founders, investors, and the media.

While we won’t be able to recreate every aspect of Demo Day, we’ll try our best to create an amazing experience for our founders and investors.

Presentations will be pre-recorded and released to all investors at the same time on Monday, March 23 on our Demo Day website. We will also provide additional written background information on each company and access to their decks. Finally, our software will make it easy for investors and founders to exchange contact information so that they can arrange one-on-one meetings. All of this will happen on the same YC Demo Day website that investors and founders have used over the past five years.

For 15 years, startup investors have supported every new batch of YC companies, and we know the same will be true for this batch.


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