YC’s First Lightning Tech Talks Series & Hiring Event on September 10

by Ryan Choi8/18/2020

There are a lot of great YC startups that are experiencing rapid growth — despite COVID — and actively hiring in engineering, product and more. We want to create a space for engineers and others to learn more about these companies, their technology, and engage directly with founders and their teams, in small groups and 1-1.

We’re hosting YC’s first Lightning Tech Talk session on September 10th at 4PM PST. Five YC founders will give 10 minute talks on their technology and business challenges. The first session focuses on software tooling & SaaS, and you’ll hear/meet the following people:

  • George Deglin, CEO at OneSignal. How we use Rust to Scale our Infrastructure Efficiently
  • Yin Wu, CEO at Pulley. Building a Flexibly Immutable Accounting Ledger
  • Omri Mor, CEO at Routable. Building an Integration-Forward Platform
  • Jeremy Henrickson, VP Engineering at Rippling. Cutting Against the Grain: Entrepreneurship and Engineering at Rippling
  • Sven Delmas, VP Engineering at LogDNA. Log DNA: Testing SaaS Done Right

Following the talks, we’re opening up virtual tables where people can meet founders and team members — to ask questions about the talk, learn about the business, and find out more about open roles. Because we want to keep the event a bit more intimate and personal, we’re asking people to apply, and ranking their interest in companies prior to the event. This will help us do some matching beforehand.

If you’re considering working at a startup and have a couple hours to spend with founders, we welcome you to apply to join us on September 10th:


Let me know if you have questions, and excited to see you there.


  • Ryan Choi

    Ryan works with YC companies to find great engineers — from 2-person startups to larger ones like Airbnb, Stripe and Instacart.