Pulley helps companies manage their cap tables. Use our platform to…

Pulley provides a portal for founders, employees, and investors to easily track their shares and understand the company's cap table. Maintaining a cap table is more than just recording the number of shares. Ownership across the company constantly changes as employees join and leave, and fundraising rounds are raised. Pulley is a platform to track all these equity related changes and keep company records up-to-date. Pulley helps founders answer important questions such as: 1. How much dilution will take between different fundraising options? 2. What is the difference between a post and pre-money SAFE? 3. How will pro rata rights impact my ownership in future rounds much of the company will I own by the A? With Pulley, founders can model dilution across fundraising rounds to better understand their ownership as the company scales. If you are looking for a way to manage your cap table, try Pulley at https://pulley.com/.

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