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#1 Speech-to-Text API for Developers

At AssemblyAI, we use State-of-the-Art Deep Learning to build the #1 most accurate Speech-to-Text API for developers. Customers use our API to transcribe phone calls, meetings, videos, podcasts, and other types of media. Our accurate transcripts are used to power features like visual voicemail, call analytics, closed captioning, meeting summaries, and a slew of other features. We deploy our Deep Learning models into production to process millions of API requests per day.

Team Size10
LocationSan Francisco

Dylan Fox

Dylan Fox

AssemblyAI is hiring for these roles

Senior Backend Engineer (Python)Remote
Deep Learning Engineer - NLPRemote
Deep Learning Researcher - Speech RecognitionRemote
Deep Learning Researcher - Language Modeling (Speech Recognition)Remote
Lead Developer EvangelistRemote
Deep Learning Engineer Remote
Deep Learning Researcher - Speaker Diarization Remote
Outbound Sales EngineerRemote