VIDA & Co.

Platform for unique products produced on-demand at mass-scale

VIDA is the story of the rich, beautiful, interconnected world in which we live. It is the story of contemporary life and of mindful, global citizenship. VIDA is a collaboration amongst global citizens - from a designer in Milan, to a producer in Karachi, and a consumer in San Francisco – we are a global partnership of co-creators. VIDA presents an alternative to the homogeneous, disposable products that increasingly dominate retail. We produce only that which is purchased, bringing into the world only items that are wanted. We are using innovations in design and technology to make quality accessible again. We produce with the highest ethical standards, respecting the makers of the products we bring into our lives. We believe beautiful products should create beauty every step of the way.

VIDA & Co.
Team Size11
LocationSan Francisco

Umaimah Mendhro, CEO

Umaimah Mendhro
VIDA & Co.