marketplace facilitating chance social encounters at hyperlocal venues

Founding Technical Designer / Engineer

$90k - $110k / 0.50% - 1.50%
Los Angeles, CA, US
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Danial Hashemi
Danial Hashemi

About the role

🌃 apply here to help build the future of social.

full time | los angeles, ca

about 222:

We’re an incredibly early stage startup working on building the future of social. We are not excited about a future where humans spend the majority of their day in a virtual world. By facilitating genuine human connections, we're building a product that swings the pendulum in the other direction. We’re backed by an incredible set of investors including General Catalyst, Y Combinator, 1517 Fund, Cory Levy, Julian Weisser, Crescent Fund & more.

what you’ll be doing:

  • You will be joining 222 as one of its first full-time hires - spearheading all things iOS Engineering, UI/UX, design, & brand - you’ll be working directly with the founders to design and build a world-class user experience and brand identity
  • Heading front-end development focused on iOS engineering
  • Working with engineers & founders to accelerate growth, activation, & retention through product design iteration, front-end development, & user research
  • Build a company-wide set of design principles and guidelines to integrate throughout the entire product

who you are:

  • You’re passionate about solving the problem 222 is tackling
  • Demonstrated history of building outside of work/school (projects/products, applications, music, art, etc.)
  • Regardless of personal experience, you’re excited about wearing different hats across brand & product design, UX research & front-end engineering
  • You have experience working with Figma / Sketch to build & design consumer-facing social products (please include link to design portfolio in application)
  • You have a strong stance on the ethics surrounding user psychology in social products
  • You have experience writing/shipping front-end code in an Agile Software Lifecycle ( HTML/CSS/Javascript, React, Swift)
  • Previously launched / worked on an iOS application currently on App Store

we’re looking for this type of person:

🎨  artist

🖌️  designer & engineer

🧠  first principles thinking

🏗️  history of building things from scratch

🙇‍♂️  strongly opinionated about our current social fabric and its future

what we’re offering:

💸  competitive salary + equity

📈  a chance to join an extremely early-stage startup backed by an incredible set of investors

🖥️  the opportunity to work IRL with a team of co-workers and hopefully friends :)

what is 222 ?

We're not a dating app.

We're not a friend-making service.

We're a platform for unique social experiences.

No profiles, no DMs, no scrolling, no swiping.

Just say "yes" & explore the chance encounters you'd have never experienced.

Why you should join 222

222 is building the future of social by accelerating IRL chance encounters.

Team Size:3
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Danial Hashemi
Danial Hashemi
Keyan Kazemian
Keyan Kazemian
Arman Roshannai
Arman Roshannai