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High throughput design of cells for therapeutics applications.

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64x Bio is building a platform that radically increases the speed and scale of mammalian cell line discovery. Using a novel high throughput discovery and screening platform and an integrated computational design loop, we are developing new ways of generating highly optimized and otherwise unattainable cell lines for the manufacturing of viral vectors, with a specific focus on those used for cell and gene therapies.

Our team includes world renowned scientists and experts in genome engineering and gene therapy from Harvard, Yale and the Wyss Institute of Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Our platform technology enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to bring cell and gene therapies to patients more effectively, providing purpose-built genetically engineered cell lines to increase the efficiency of viral vector production and reduce the cost of manufacturing.

64x Bio
Team Size:25
Location:San Francisco
Alexis Rovner
Alexis Rovner