PicnicHealth makes medical records useful for patients, doctors, and…

PicnicHealth believes the key to improving healthcare is giving everyone access to their own health data. That's why PicnicHealth has created a new way for patients and scientists to interact with complete medical records. PicnicHealth works directly with patients to bring labs, images, doctor's notes, and more all in one place. For patients contributing to research, PicnicHealth makes sure the process is transparent and the data is secure. PicnicHealth continues to champion patients while partnering with government, advocacy, and research organizations to drive the future of medicine

Team Size14
LocationSan Francisco

Troy Astorino, CTO

Troy Astorino

Noga Leviner, CEO

Noga Leviner

PicnicHealth is hiring for these roles

Machine Learning EngineerSan Francisco, CA
Engineering ManagerSan Francisco, CA
Full-Stack EngineerSan Francisco, CA
Infrastructure EngineerSan Francisco, CA
Front-End EngineerSan Francisco, CA
Senior Data EngineerSan Francisco, CA, USA
Senior Data Engineer (Technical Lead)San Francisco, CA, USA
Engineering Manager, Internal ProductSan Francisco, CA, USA
Full-Stack EngineerSan Francisco, CA, USA