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Shift Labs makes medical devices that place technology and design on equal footing to create affordable solutions. We emphasize simplicity and create devices that serve the fastest growing healthcare markets in the world. We believe that every person in the world deserves quality healthcare -- whether they are receiving care in the home, in an outpatient infusion center, or in an emerging market. We're a for-profit company committed to doing well, and doing good. We believe Simple Saves Lives. ___ In true startup fashion, we have a strategy that emphasizes early revenue. So check out our first product DripAssist, a low-cost IV fluid monitor and alarm. Get precision monitoring of blood transfusions or fluid delivery at a fraction of the cost of an infusion pump. Purchase at http://www.shiftlabs.com/purchase-dripassist

Shift Labs
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Koji Intlekofer, CTO

Koji Intlekofer
Shift Labs

Beth Kolko, CEO

Beth Kolko
Shift Labs