We are building and Operating System for Physical Retail

Product Manager

$30k - $55k
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

Job Description :

  • Understand the market: clients, suppliers, operations process and build new product opportunities.
  • Forming vision, roadmap, and goals for the product and take it from a concept to MVP to north star stage.
  • Aligning Product Goals and Metrics to Business Goals and metrics and thus drive Product led Business growth.
  • Writing specifications & stories (PRD) - UI/UX wireframe
  • Talk to Users : suppliers, sub-contractors, Clients & operations teams to identify problems.
  • Work closely with engineering and design to plan launch scope. Together with engineering and design, break-down scope into launch iterations.
  • Define product roll-out and adoption strategy.
  • Execute strategies that will drive measurable growth in adoption and engagement.
  • Use data, creativity, and experimentation to constantly improve the product experience.

Requirements :

  • You have 3-5 years hands-on product experience working on building products or solving problems in a startup.
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity, believe in first principles and have the skill to transform broad ideas into action plans.
  • You have empathy towards users and colleagues, are creative and excited by ideating/ building.
  • You are highly data driven and measure everything you execute to course correct.

About the interview


Why you should join 91Squarefeet

We believe that there is an anomaly in the world that retailing via physical stores is still very complex. You can set up your web store in hours, but setting up a physical store is still supper difficult and the path is littered with ad-hoc choices. Our promise to brands is that we will build the store of their dreams at the click of a button. We have built 450 stores to date for 24 brands in India.

We are not stopping at just building stores, our plan is to create a system to manage the store throughout its life-cycle. Brands should be able to buy equipment (Racks, Mannequins, Kitchen equipment), hire and manage manpower, and maintain the store with a single laptop. We are building an operating system for physical retailing.

Team Size:60
Location:Gurugram, India
Amit Bansal
Amit Bansal
Puneet Bansal
Puneet Bansal
Amit Mishra
Amit Mishra