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AI-powered platform for Accessible and Personalized Breast Health…

The iSono Health platform combines automated 3D ultrasound technology with cloud computation and artificial intelligence to empower women and their physicians with early detection and monitoring of breast cancer. Our patented compact ultrasound scanner captures 3D images through automatic scanning of whole breast volume in 1 min. The device connects to a smartphone/tablet/laptop and is controlled by our mobile app. The data is transferred to a secure cloud for image processing and storage. Our machine learning algorithm uses acoustic biomarkers to identify abnormal masses. Our platform’s automated operation and software expands ultrasound use in point-of-care diagnostics as well as monitoring of breast health at home, walk-in and mobile clinics. iSono Health offers women and healthcare providers : Safety: No Radiation Actionable Feedback with AI Fast: 2min Scan Easy to Use

iSono Health
Team Size9
LocationSan Francisco

Shadi Saberi, CTO

Shadi Saberi
iSono Health

Maryam Ziaei, |CEO

Maryam Ziaei
iSono Health

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Computer Vision/Deep Learning ScientistSouth San francisco, CA / Remote
Senior Software EngineerSouth San francisco, CA / Remote