Mason is elastic mobile infrastructure -- like AWS but for…

Our goal is to empower companies to build, deploy, and scale next generation mobility solutions. We do this by providing end-to-end control over connected mobile products including the hardware, the OS, provisioning, deployments, updates, and connectivity. Companies launch and scale cutting edge mobile products that are built and managed on Mason’s mobility infrastructure (hardware + software + connectivity). HARDWARE Secure dedicated devices and accessories provided at OEM pricing. Offerings includes: >> Phones and tablets >> Accessories (mounting solutions, cases, barcode scanners, credit card readers, etc.) SOFTWARE The tools your developers and IT team need to build and support your mobile products over their entire lifecycle. These tools enable you to: >> Build a custom Android OS in minutes without touching source code >> Full control over app and OS deployments or updates CONNECTIVITY (optional) Bundled LTE connectivity ensures your devices are always connected

Team Size34
LocationSeattle, WA

Jim Xiao, CEO

Past experience at Microsoft, VC, and wireless. Currently at Mason, working on letting anyone create their own smart hardware product like Peloton or Square.

Jim Xiao

Mason is hiring for these roles

Software Engineer - Android FrameworkSeattle, WA
Software Engineer - BackendSeattle, WA
Generalist Software Engineer - DevicesSeattle, WA, USA
Full Stack Software EngineerSeattle, WA, USA
Backend Software EngineerSeattle, WA, USA / Remote
Electrical EngineerSeattle, WA, USA
Front End EngineerSeattle, WA, USA
Engineering ManagerSeattle, WA, USA / Remote