Transforming document review for litigation teams

Abel transforms law firm document review workflows, eliminating the need to choose between depth and breadth. Attorneys use Abel to answer nuanced questions based on the context spread across thousands of documents.

Team Size:2
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Garry Tan

Active Founders

Sean Safahi

Co-Founder, CEO @ Abel, where we're transforming document review for litigation teams. Previously: Product @ Netflix & Airbnb and Co-Founder @ Bold (acquired by Airbnb). Pilot, runner, and best friend to my dog.

Sean Safahi
Sean Safahi

Chenyu Li

Co-Founder, CTO @ Abel, where we're transforming document review for litigation teams. Previously engineering @ Chime and Yahoo!. Co-founder @ Telescope (acquired by Chime). Pilot, mountaineer and lover of all things outdoors!

Chenyu Li
Chenyu Li

Company Launches

Hello! We’re Chenyu and Sean, the team behind Abel. Abel answers complex questions across large legal records made up of many different types of documents. Our mission is to empower attorneys to practice more efficiently, so they can extend representation to more people.


  • Attorneys import documents from a variety of sources and formats (PDFs, emails, spreadsheets, docs).
  • Abel processes the documents and creates a structured representation of the information contained in them (we call these: “entities”).
  • Attorneys understand the facts with more speed and precision than was previously possible.


Many legal practice areas - including litigation, M&A, and insurance - routinely deal with large document sets, and attorneys spend many hours reviewing those documents to get the information they need.

In an age of AI, law firm clients demand both increased efficiency and improved effectiveness.

Existing technology solutions, like eDiscovery platforms, don’t help attorneys understand the information that exists inside the documents. They’re costly, cumbersome, and their search is difficult to use to pinpoint the relevant information.

So, attorneys rely on manual document review, which is even more costly, prone to human error, and difficult to get client budget buy-in.


Abel allows attorneys to get the depth of manual review at the scale of technology. Attorneys import legal records of a variety of document formats, types, and sizes.

Abel leverages our proprietary entity extraction to process the documents and uncover a structured representation of the information contained in them. Our extraction pipelines are flexible and can be customized to identify the relevant entities to our customers’ needs, which can include things like:

  • The people involved
  • Clauses in agreements
  • Relevant email threads
  • Key legal issues
  • Motions raised at trial
  • Key events that occurred

Attorneys use Abel to explore the extracted entities and to examine the relationships between them. This allows us to answer more complex questions with more nuance than existing solutions.

View our demo.

Our Asks

  1. If you’re an attorney or responsible for law firm innovation, please reach out to founders@tryabel.com. We’re offering premium onboarding for firms that sign up by May 10th, which includes deploying up to 5 custom entity extraction pipelines.
  2. If you’re on an in-house legal team, we’d love to talk about how we can support both you and your outside counsel.
  3. Please share this post with your networks. Chances are that you know an attorney or two.

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