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Growth Marketing Lead

Boston / Remote
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1+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Vincent Jiang
Vincent Jiang

About the role


Hi there 👋, glad that you found us! I hope that this page explains what we do pretty well. Feel free to add a question in the form below if there’s anything unclear.

Acho is building the next-gen cloud data platform for teams across industries to access their data assets with great functionalities and visibility. Today, hundreds of business teams use Acho to transform their processes and unlock more value from their data than ever before. Team Acho is engineering-focused and collaborative. Backed by Y Combinator, VCs, and industry leaders, we aim to solve some of the hardest problems in the data space today.

About the job

Growth Marketing Lead on our team focuses on SEO optimization and content marketing. The content is often in the form of online Q&A, blogs, product documentation, and promotional materials, or other educational materials. Regardless of the content medium, growth marketing leads are distinguished by their abilities to explain complex topics in a way that’s useful and comprehensible to their audiences.

As a Growth Marketing Lead on the Acho business and analytics team, you’ll

☑️ Drive website traffic, increase user engagement, and generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs) through SEO optimization and content marketing.

☑️ Create educational content for a variety of marketing channels, including blogs, website, emails, forums, social media, and product documentation, to consistently generate demands

☑️ Implement SEO through selective and strategic keyword usage in content

☑️ Translate complex concepts into the easy-to-understand content

☑️ Analyze web traffic and track KPIs to optimize content strategy

☑️ Have the opportunity to create processes and docs that will help scale the product to include events across Acho and beyond, depending on users’ needs


Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience. Experience in product marketing, data analysis and SEO optimization. Experience in collaborating with software engineers on a daily basis.

☑️BS or (MS preferred) degree in Data Science, Business Analytics, Statistics, Computer Science, and/or equivalent experience

☑️ Strong analytical & data skills with SQL.

☑️ Strong understanding of inbound marketing, SEO/SERP, and lead generation

☑️ Excellent English verbal and written communication skills.

☑️ Experience with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Segment

☑️ Experience with BI tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, Looker, etc.


About Acho

Acho helps business teams turn data into apps. Anyone can connect different databases, build complex data pipelines, and build scalable data applications - all in one place with a point-and-click interface.

Team Size:15
Vincent Jiang
Vincent Jiang
Samuel Liu
Samuel Liu