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Product designer - 4-6 months contract

$80k - $160k
New York, NY, US / Remote ()
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3+ years
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Jonathan Parisot
Jonathan Parisot

About the role

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We're looking for a very strong product designer to help us make Actiondesk the most intuitive BI tool ever. More context below:

You’ll be a good fit if:

  • You have a strong sense of ownership.
  • You are able to understand well business use cases - particularly around data
  • You’re a self starter and will be able to work in a chaotic environment. For example, if some information is missing, you’ll figure out who to talk to and get the information yourself instead of waiting for it to be given to you
  • You’ve worked on B2B SaaS products before. While it’s not necessary, if you’ve worked on a data / BI product before, that’d be a huge plus.
  • You are able to build low definition mockups, get feedback from users and team members, and iterate until you have something that works great.
  • You’re very good with Figma, and good with building / maintaining design systems.

To be very clear, we’re not looking for someone to just ship screens based on what we tell them, we’re looking for someone who’ll take our inputs and figure out the best way to solve these problems. We’ll expect you to be proactive, suggest solutions and implement them.


Actiondesk is an all in one data platform that lets companies

  • Centralize all of their data in the same place
  • Build reports and dashboards

Over the past 6-9 months, we shipped a lot of features required by customers, we shipped them a bit too fast without making sure the UX was great. We now have an experience that’s clunky and not intuitive enough for our users.

It’s a priority for us over the next 2 quarters to make our product extremely intuitive.

What you'll do during your first few weeks:

First, we’ll ask you to understand how our product works in depth. We’ll provide you with training materials.

As part of that work, you’ll understand what our customers do with our product, as well as what feedback they gave us on things to improve.

At this point, you should be extremely familiar with the product and already have ideas on how to improve it.

Then, we’ll expect you to make a list of UX improvements. You’ll get inputs from customers and from the team for this. We’ll review the list together and prioritize it.

You’ll then start designing these improvements. For most features, you’ll start with low / mid definition mockups to show to our team and customers. We’ll expect you to iterate fast.

Once we validate the UX for an improvement / feature, you’ll design high definition screens to be provided to our Engineering team.

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Why you should join Actiondesk

Teams who want to access, explore and understand their data today have two choices:

  • Either they build adhoc reports in google sheets or Excel. These are messy, hard to maintain and not connected directly the data sources
  • Either use a Business Intelligence tool. These take effort to implement, are not flexible and require every single user to go through a steep learning curve.

Our mission at Actiondesk is to let knowledge workers easily access, explore and understand their data, wherever it sits.

We aim to be as easy and flexible as a spreadsheet, and as powerful as a BI tool.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Jonathan Parisot
Jonathan Parisot