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Senior Software Engineer at Activeloop

Silicon Valley / Remote
Job Type
6+ years
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Davit Buniatyan
Davit Buniatyan

About the role

We are looking for an experienced software engineer with exposure to ML, equipped with sophisticated software engineering skills and ability to scale workloads to petabyte scale on 1000s machines on the cloud.


  • [Preferred] Have strong programming skills - Python stack, Flask/Django/FastAPI, C++/Go
  • [Preferred] Think about distributed systems - edge cases, failure modes, behaviors, specific implementations.
  • Experience with cloud systems (AWS/GCP/Azure) including knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, CircleCI, config management systems like Chef, code-as-infrastructure like Terraform/Cloud Formation
  • Ability to pick the best tool for the job and integrate an array of technologies into a reliable High Performance Computing solution.
  • Fluency in using Git and GitHub. Familiarity with open source.
  • Understanding of Distributed systems, Data Streaming and Storage/File systems (Object Store, NFS)

We also expect you to:

  • To join a highly motivated, curious, hardworking explorers in the field of AI
  • Have a builder attitude - you love building cool things that matter!
  • Work closely with the founding team in developing hyper-scalable software for ML.
  • Proactively identify and anticipate problems and provide tangible solutions.
  • Enjoy the startup journey towards building endurable, scalable business.

About Activeloop

Today delivering valuable insights from unstructured data is difficult. It takes on average an entire month to take a model from research to production. Data scientists and engineers spend a lot of time on managing data. An overwhelming number of tools in use leads to lack of uniformity and repeatability. There is no industry standard for storing unstructured datasets. This leads to heavily manual systems that require constant data wrangling.

Activeloop, an autodata company. We connect raw data to machine learning models, seamlessly. We empower data scientists to focus on training ML models, instead of messing with the data. We enable organizations to unlock the true potential of the unstructured data, faster and cheaper.

The company is founded by PhDs from Princeton University and backed by Y Combinator and other prominent investors from Silicon Valley.

Why you should join Activeloop

Activeloop is building the data store for AI. We provide a simple API for creating, storing, versioning, and collaborating on AI datasets of any size. With Activeloop's open-core stack, you can rapidly transform and stream data while training models at scale. In addition, you can instantly explore and visualize datasets for AI. Activeloop Hub is one of the fastest-growing libraries on GitHub, and is used by Google, Waymo, Red Cross and others.

Activeloop is founded by a team from Princeton, Stanford, Google, Tesla, Equinix employees. We are backed by Y Combinator and other prominent investors from Silicon Valley.