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Why you should join Aerotime

Aerotime is reinventing calendar to make humans be effective, not busy.

A modern calendar that helps people prioritize their work by goal setting, time blocking and reducing fragmentation created by randomly placed meeting and distracting Slack messages.

Aerotime helps you create key goals for the week, helps you break it down into tasks and meetings, streamline calendar to support and align your team around it. This leads to people being effective and not busy.

Hard problems we are solving:

  1. Spaced out meetings causing a lot of fragmentation and hence wasted time. Ever heard people say "real work starts after 5 pm?"
  2. People attending meetings that are not effective for them, mostly because of FOMO. How can we reduce the number of meetings, but let the information travel to all relevant stakeholders?
  3. Realizing your key goals and aligning your time to support it. This is way harder than it sounds. Most people are aware of what gives them joy and what they want to achieve - but most people end up not achieving it. Answer lies in building the right systems and aligning your calendar to it.

Individuals and teams trust Aerotime to help them find flow and run at their peak efficiency, prioritizing work that is important and makes them happy!

We're a design and engineering driven team with experience at LinkedIn and Amazon.

Backed by: Y Combinator, Sequoia, Nexus, SOMA, Nir Eyal, Damien Coullon, Akshay Kothari

Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco