Workforce planning for global teams

Junior full stack engineer

$80k - $100k
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Dave Y. Kim
Dave Y. Kim

About the role

Our interview process is simple. You talk to the founders directly from the first stage. There are three rounds of short interviews and a paid trial period. We make fast decisions. We will have the compensation discussion early in the interview stage, so we are respectful of your time.


  • Get things done fast with a high-quality bar. And keep everyone on the team accountable.
  • End-to-end ownership of technical projects, including phasing proposals. Projects are typically defined in collaboration with customers, product, design, and other engineers.
  • Operates autonomously and escalates for help as needed. Actively involved in product planning and scoping. Leads reasonably well-defined projects, but scope may be variable based on customers' feedback and technical feasibility.
  • Proactively seeks additional work, including suggesting backlogged, cleanup, or quality-of-life improvement projects. Able to be self-sufficient and contribute to team goals if no immediate project is pre-defined and available.
  • Seeks to identify project risks and autonomously keeps projects on track. Keeps stakeholders updated as unknowns and complexities are understood.
  • Suggest alternatives to other engineers, product, and design team members to accomplish goals more simply, efficiently, elegantly, and/or efficiently.
  • Contributes outside of their core projects, including code reviews, interviewing, establishing company/engineering culture, and/or on-call rotation.

Skills & Experience

  • 2+ years of experience
  • You are not going to do a typical web page development. You are going to build a Figma-like web app. We want to make it easy to use that it's almost like playing a game.
  • [Strongly Preferred] Highly interactive and pleasant to use web app using canvas.
  • [Strongly Preferred]  Motivated  to get the user experience right.
  • [Preferred] Experience with a complicated single-page web app.
  • [Preferred] Vuejs experience, but not required.
  • [Preferred] Experience with Firebase/Firestore.
  • [Bonus] Previous startup experience.
  • [Bonus] Built an analytic dashboard before.

This job is NOT

  • No politics. No BS. High-impact team members don't have time to play games. We let the work speak for ourselves.

  • Not a stepping stone to get into a larger company. We are serious about building one.

  • You will not be given works with high certainty. In many cases, your job will be to "figure it out".

  • Not bounded to your comfort zone. Often, you will need to challenge yourself to go above and beyond.

  • No sugar coating. We have a candid and transparent culture.

Please apply through so that we can facilitate the application process. Thank you!

Why you should join Agentnoon

Agentnoon builds workforce planning software for executives in fast-growing companies.

We are creating a fast & nimble team to build a people-centric company to build a people-centric product.

Founders are 2nd-time founders that sold the previous company, and the product has great tractions.

Team Size:7
Location:Toronto, Canada
Dave Y. Kim
Dave Y. Kim
Ali Nawab
Ali Nawab