Predictive analytics and clinical pathways for hospitals

Full Stack Software Engineer

$120k - $185k / 0.25% - 0.50%
San francisco, CA / Remote
Job Type
6+ years
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Borna Safabakhsh
Borna Safabakhsh

About the role

At AgileMD, we are building the platform that powers healthcare's most advanced real-time predictive analytics and clinical algorithms. Our cloud-based engine helps thousands of doctors and nurses around the country make medical decisions, so that every patient receives the highest quality and value of care based on the latest medical knowledge and data. We proud to make a meaningful impact on patient outcomes every day.

AgileMD is a uniquely challenging product. It has a powerful interface that communicates with the complex underbelly of hospital systems and provides a clean, robust platform that our modern tools are built on. These tools ingest, transform, and analyze large amounts of patient data in real time and make complex risk assessments and predictions within a matter of milliseconds of new data being made available. All of this is done across a distributed infrastructure that must provide high availability and adhere to the strictest security standards. Through our systems, we provide medical staff with easily digestible, actionable and intuitive interfaces for ensuring patients get the highest quality of care. Healthcare IT has traditionally left users with outdated UIs and poor user experiences. We're raising the bar and bringing the best tools to those who need it most.

We’re looking for engineers who are excited by these challenges, who create well-designed, highly maintainable, well-tested code bases and know how to build one in a team-based setting. You’ll be joining a lean engineering team and stepping into a role with high expectations, broad flexibility and responsibility, and comprehensive support to help you succeed. Our product road map is full of opportunities to solve hard problems that truly touch and change the course of patient lives. We seek perpetual learners with an appetite for challenges to join our team.

Requirements - You will:

  • Work closely with our engineers, frontend, backend, DevOps etc, to develop beautiful, fast, modern applications and services built on React, Node.JS, AWS, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Terraform, and other modern tools
  • Work closely with our Product and QA teams to deliver beautifully crafted and stable solutions to our customers most important needs
  • Design, build, and maintain core APIs, data models, and business logic
  • Take ownership and responsibility for building, shipping and maintaining core features, end to end
  • Design and architect complex systems, focusing on performance, scalability, security, and crafting a beautiful user experience
  • Build and extend well-documented and tested code that is easy to extend and hard to break
  • Have the opportunity to expand your skillset and learn from our team.

Requirements - Who you are

  • You are an experienced software engineering generalist who cares deeply about code quality, maintainability and the end product
  • You have a deep knowledge of web technologies and large scale web application architecture
  • You have a natural curiosity and a desire to build and improve beautiful, intuitive products for our customers
  • You have a strong background in software development (6+ years of experience)
  • You take a thoughtful approach to decision making; knowing when to move fast and when to slow down
  • You have deep knowledge and experience with NodeJS, SQL, HTTP, modern web standards and best security practices
  • You’re excited about the problems we’re solving


  • Work with a team that you can rely on, that constantly challenges you and that gives the tools to succeed and the responsibility to prove that you can.
  • $120,000 - $185,000, 0.25% - 0.5% equity (depending on experience and skills)
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family
  • Paid time off (6 holidays plus as much vacation as you need; most people take three or four weeks per year)
  • Maternity/paternity leave (10 weeks at 100% salary, 10 weeks at 50% salary, 10+ weeks unpaid up to a year) $500 per quarter for self-directed personal development (books, conference tickets, etc.)

Our stack

  • Node.js with Express.js
  • SQL (PostgreSQL)
  • React + Webpack, SCSS, redux, etc.
  • AWS infrastructure managed with Terraform
  • Kubernetes

Why you should join AgileMD

At AgileMD, we are building the most advanced real-time predictive analytics and clinical algorithms platform for hospitals. Our cloud-based engine supports and empowers the medical decisions of thousands of physicians across hospitals and clinics around the country, so that every patient receives the highest quality and value of care based on the latest medical knowledge and data.

AgileMD is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Team Size:15
Location:San Francisco
Borna Safabakhsh
Borna Safabakhsh