Predictive analytics and clinical pathways for hospitals

Software Engineering Manager, Platform and Applications

$160k - $220k / 0.25% - 0.50%
San Francisco, CA
Job Type
3+ years
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Borna Safabakhsh
Borna Safabakhsh

About the role

At AgileMD, we are building the most advanced real-time predictive analytics and clinical algorithms platform for hospitals. Our cloud-based software engine helps thousands of doctors and nurses around the country make medical decisions, so that every patient receives the highest quality and value of care based on the latest medical knowledge and data. We make a meaningful, measurable impact on patient outcomes every day.

AgileMD is a uniquely challenging product. It has a powerful interface that communicates with the complex underbelly of hospital systems and provides a clean, robust platform that our modern tools are built on. These tools ingest, transform, and analyze large amounts of patient data in real time and make complex risk assessments and predictions within a matter of milliseconds of new data being made available. Finally, this data is presented to healthcare providers making real-time decisions about the care of their patients. All of this is done across a distributed infrastructure that must provide high availability and adhere to the strictest security standards.

The platform and applications team is responsible for building and maintaining the core products that power AgileMD. It is a lean team of smart, motivated engineers in a small but quickly growing startup. The platform and applications team is doubling in size in the next three months and will be growing more over the next twelve. As an engineering manager for this team you will facilitate this growth. The team members will look to you for career development, honest feedback, and sprint-by-sprint direction. You will be responsible for onboarding new engineers, instilling a sense of ownership in the team, interacting with other teams to accurately set expectations and ensuring they are met. In a small, growing organization you will have an abundance of latitude and opportunity for growth, but you must also possess the qualities that allow you to thrive in this situation: drive, the ability to learn quickly and independently, self-driven organization and orientation, and knowing how to prioritize many high priority challenges.

We are looking for an engineering manager who is passionate about developing engineers, as well as planning and managing key engineering initiatives to deliver world-class products with predictability, excellence, scalability, and security. In this role, you will challenge and support our engineers and help build a great culture that values diversity and inclusion of people and ideas, promoting a culture of psychological safety, inclusiveness, and ownership in the teams you manage.


This role is a people and process management position focused on the growth and development of engineers and the release management and delivery of world class products.

  • People: Attract, onboard and retain diverse top talent. Develop engineers and the team through coaching, mentoring and management support. Conduct regular 1:1s, goal setting and feedback conversations to support team members in their career path. Continuously work to grow the capacity of each team member and the team as a whole.
  • Process: Prioritize, manage and guide engineering goals and results. Engage with product leadership, customer success, sales and business leadership on software development and release plans. Establish and manage processes aligned with AgileMD's engineering values for high quality work in a healthy and inclusive culture.
  • Technical acumen: You are not expected to write code. However you should be knowledgable of current practices such that you can facilitate technical discussions, ask good questions of your team, and understand technical decisions. You should be able to understand written code.

Who you are:

  • People Management: You have demonstrated experience managing people, including building teams and attracting top talent.
  • Process Management: You are organized and proactive in coordinating work within the engineering team and able to communicate openly across product and business teams.
  • Remote Work: You will be managing a partially distributed team and should have experience leading and motivating a hybrid team.
  • Progress, not perfection: You do not "boil the ocean", but prefer to deliver solutions incrementally and predictably. You know what you know but just as importantly you know what you don't know and you continuously work towards making improvements.
  • Learning: You bring action orientation and seek to continuously improve the teams you work with. You excel in a culture centered on open communication, strong feedback, quick experimentation, blamelessness, and embracing failure to learn from it.
  • Communication: You believe in open and honest communication and work to cultivate this within the team and organization. You approach everything with an open mind and listen to different perspectives when determining a path forward.

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience in healthcare technology companies is a bonus
  • Experience as a manager within a fast-paced startup environment is a bonus
  • Experience with Atlassian software development life cycle tools

Why you should join AgileMD

At AgileMD, we are building the most advanced real-time predictive analytics and clinical algorithms platform for hospitals. Our cloud-based engine supports and empowers the medical decisions of thousands of physicians across hospitals and clinics around the country, so that every patient receives the highest quality and value of care based on the latest medical knowledge and data.

AgileMD is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Team Size:15
Location:San Francisco
Borna Safabakhsh
Borna Safabakhsh