AI Insurance

AI Insurance is the platform that runs insurance companies

Engineering Intern (Node.js and React)

San Francisco, CA / Remote
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Cameron MacArthur
Cameron MacArthur

About the role

AI Insurance builds insurance management software to bring a $5 trillion industry into the 21st century. Imagine 5 trillion dollars worth of people using scratch paper and pen, and then you give them cloud-based software. Boom. Minds are blown. You will be blowing those minds.

If you would like more experience working with Node.js or React, we would love your help. Backend or Frontend are both welcome! Some of the projects we have underway involve data science, machine learning, CRMs, database re-design, ElasticSearch setup and so much more!

If you want to learn more about the problems we're solving and want exposure to literally every aspect of running a business and building a tech stack, reach out. Intern at AI Insurance and you can pick your project and own it.

Why you should join AI Insurance

AI Insurance is the platform that small-to-midsize insurance companies use to run every part of their business. Before we showed up, they used spreadsheets and filing cabinets – wasting as much as 60% of revenue on administrative expenses. We’re doing what Salesforce did for SMB sales teams, but we’re tapping into the over 10,000 insurance companies that waste $238 Billion dollars annually.

Digitizing these businesses is only the beginning. As our customer base grows, we are building the largest insurance dataset ever created. Using it, we can leverage machine learning to automate the claims and underwriting process entirely – redefining the insurance experience from purchase to claim payment.

AI Insurance
Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Cameron MacArthur
Cameron MacArthur