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Sara Du
Sara Du

About the role

At Alloy, our goal is to make a powerful automation tool accessible to a traditionally nontechnical audience. Our customers are ecommerce merchants who are passionate about building their products and brands, but who are also often caught up in the tedious backend operations of their store. We want to empower brands to do the work they love, and automate away the work they shouldn’t need to worry about.

We believe that providing our customers 24/7 support by helpdesk and email is critical for giving them the best possible experience with automation, especially if they are new to it. As the first automation engineer on our team, you don't need to be technical enough to code, but you do need to be willing to architect complex logic and build workflows alongside our customers. You should be passionate about helping our brands grow, whatever it takes.

What you’ll be doing:

  • In this role, you will empower and guide our merchants by getting them the right information they need to learn how to use our platform.
  • You will be hands on with our larger merchants and help them build out their first few workflows.
  • You'll design and run onboarding webinars and collateral alongside our merchant success manager.
  • You will provide technical support, troubleshooting guidance, and help customers understand how best to utilize all of Alloy’s features. This also includes having a strong understanding of popular ecommerce apps and the issues merchants frequently run into.
  • You will often need to dive into the API documentation of 3rd party apps in order to diagnose merchant issues, scope out workflows, and create tickets for the engineering team.
  • You will act as a liaison between the merchant, the success team, and the Alloy engineering team.

Skills & experience we're excited by:

  • Experience working with the ecommerce stack - whether that's as a merchant yourself or as a former employee of an ecommerce SaaS company. In particular, experience or willingness to dive into SMS/email marketing apps, customer support tools, 3PL's, etc is important.
  • Some more technical knowhow and the ability to communicate customer needs directly to our engineering team
  • Bonus: Experience using automation tools like Zapier or Shopify Flow

Why work with us?

  • We are a team of 13, distributed internationally across 5 timezones. We're an incredibly diverse group, and this means we can learn a lot more than just skills from each other - we're always finding ways to share tidbits about our respective cultures, backgrounds, etc.
  • We believe in having a life outside work (our team shares hobbies like photography and cooking), but when it comes down to it, we'll work weekends to make customers happy
  • Our stack is modern: On the engineering side, we're JavaScript-heavy and on the organization side, we're power users of tools like Jira, Notion, and Slack. We have channels for discussions, brainstorming, sharing memes, and all the crazy things we cook/build
  • We run regular product feedback sessions and engage with our customer community through a dedicated Slack
  • We are doing whatever it takes to make automation truly accessible to the masses

Why you should join Alloy Automation

Alloy Automation (YC W20) is a no-code automation platform for ecommerce brands. The company has raised $5M+ from Bain Capital and the founders of unicorns like Webflow, Shippo, & Attentive.