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6+ years
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Sara Du
Sara Du

About the role

We’re looking for our first “full-stack” Product Marketer to join Alloy! We’re looking for someone who’s SUPER use-case focused and thinks about ‘why’ and ‘how’ customers and brands might leverage Alloy Automation and Embedded. Then turns organizes these use-cases and helps us market them in very different channels and personas who might buy our product. This means you’d lead the charge in defining our positioning between Automation and Embedded, and other products and offerings that we bring to market too. So if you crave cross-collaboration and partnering across product, sales, design and broader GTM teams to develop product positioning, messaging, and packaging to generate awareness and accelerate product adoption, this could be for you! Which also means helping with enablement and education for both internal and external folks alike.

What you’ll be doing

  • Build the foundation: You’ll help us build out a key pillar of our marketing team, from messaging and positioning, thoughtfully sharing customer stories and packaging use-cases, building out enablement resources and frameworks, etc.
  • Lead launches: You’ll play a key role in product launches, partnering with the product team to drive new opportunities, greater awareness and adoption, and experiment with new channels that we should be tapping into for these
  • Product positioning: You’ll help us define, develop and launch positioning for Automation and Embedded that sticks and sets us apart. Which means increasing market awareness of what we do, and helping improve landing page conversion, demo bookings, and drive efficiency through more focused channel marketing.
  • Creative campaigns: You’ll inject creativity into our marketing campaigns, but also think about how to run experiments to know what works and double down on it. So you’ll launch campaigns that span web, social, email, ads, and other marketing channels to name a few
  • Support and enable: You’ll work with sales and customer success to develop impactful enablement resources to arm them with intel and assets to better position ourselves, whether that’s new features, use-cases, customer stories, etc.
  • Drive expansion: You’ll surface existing customer recipes that can be recommended and sold to a broader customer base, thinking about use-cases and how to simplify these for others, and make it clear how powerful Automation can be for different personas

Skills & experience we’re excited about

  • Experience marketing technical products: You have spent time with a technical software product before, ideally in the B2B SaaS space, and been able to actually touch the product in your day-to-day. Ecommerce background is a big plus and an understanding of APIs and logical workflows is a must.
  • Agility: You’re adaptive in the face of new and complex problems, taking a flexible and open-minded approach, leveraging data and experiments to ship quickly then understand what and why something worked.
  • Customer empathy: You put customers at the center of everything, leveraging their voice and experience to craft an understanding of their pain points and how we can help solve them and make our product stickier
  • Obsessed with data: You’re curious and ask deep questions about the customer journey and orient marketing around what gets people to come to us with high intent and buy.
  • Very very very detail-oriented: You remember the name of your grade 3 goldfish. But seriously, you come with a very discerning eye and a very good listener. You sweat the details.
  • Creative juices: You’re not only agile with data, but able to spin up creative twists on campaigns. You stay up to date on new ways of marketing, not just implementing what has been done before but what people aren’t doing.
  • Great writer: It’s a given but including it in case it isn’t clear. You’re a great copywriter and use this to really fine-tune messaging. Pro tip, let it show on your LinkedIn profile or resume!

Why work with us?

  • We’re growing quickly - We've raised $27M to date and anticipate growing to nearly 40 people by end of 2022
  • We’re diverse & distributed - We work remotely across 6 time zones, and our team is highly diverse from an age, gender, and background perspective. We move fast, but also find time to laugh, get to know more about each other's cultures and backgrounds, and show off our great (and horrible) cooking.
  • We stay on top of trends - We’re power users of tools like Figma, Jira, & Notion, and also know a thing or two about memes.
  • We build for our customers - We keep a good pulse on how our merchants are doing, and their problems, which is what allows us to discover new opportunities and areas for growth. We do this by running regular product feedback sessions, and engaging a dedicated customer community.
  • We’re ambitious, like you - We’re relentlessly optimistic that we can build this crazy automation tool that will change the way millions of people work once they have their hands on it.
  • We’re backed by the best - We’re backed by leading VCs like a16z, Bain Capital, YC and the founders of brands like Rent the Runway & Italic, and the people behind tech unicorns like Attentive, ShipBob, & Webflow believed in us early and are invested in our success.

Why you should join Alloy Automation

Alloy Automation (YC W20) is an ecommerce automation tool that’s like a more advanced version of Shopify Flow and Zapier. The platform is used by top brands like Italic and Burberry to automate all kinds of marketing and operations workflows.

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Sara Du
Sara Du
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Gregg Mojica