Alloy Automation

Alloy is the connective tissue for the ecommerce software world

Head of Sales

$180K - $220K
Remote (US; CA)
Job Type
11+ years
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About the role

Alloy is a modern iPaaS (integration platform as a service) backed by $27M from a16z, BCV, and others. We are building the next generation of integration infrastructure, with an initial focus on commerce use cases. Currently we have two products, Alloy Automation (iPaaS) and Alloy Embedded (embedded iPaaS). You can think of Alloy Automation as “automation & integration software” for ecomm managers at brands and Alloy Embedded as “white labeled version of Alloy Automation” for SaaS companies that need commerce integrations.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve built a rockstar team, a strong community of partners, and a roster of recognizable logos. We’re now looking for a sales leader to take us to the next level as we look to move further upmarket and innovate on our sales process. Our ideal leader is someone who’s passionate about selling technical products and who loves being on an early stage team. You should be ready to roll up your sleeves in the first few months and contribute to ARR targets, and then attract an all-star team of sellers to continue executing.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Be in sync with product and market: Understand the history of integration software and work closely with founders to share learnings, themes of what we’re seeing in the field, and develop strong opinions on how we stack against incumbents and influence the roadmap accordingly (and stay differentiated/ahead of the game)
  • Build repeatable, scalable sales: Learn the ropes of what’s been built so far and how we go to market, then develop a playbook to help AEs move upstream, close consistently and predictably (so we can continue to invest and fuel the sales machine)
  • Generate healthy pipeline: Maintain and grow our target ARR pipeline, leading and driving a team of stellar BDRs, while collaborating and iterating on messaging and outreach strategies with the team and marketing on what’s working, support/enablement needed, and learnings from the field
  • Accelerate customer growth: With a massive, largely untapped market and a highly differentiated product, work closely with current (and future) AEs to increase logo growth across segments, with a clear messaging, positioning, and a smooth sales motion from start to finish
  • Build and operate a tight (but fun) ship: We have a very high bar for talent and performance, and plan to keep it that way. Help build, lead and manage the BDR and AE teams, leveraging data and insights to coach the team around outreach strategy, ABM campaigns, pricing experiments, qualification, demos, negotiation, and closing strategies (and more).
  • Set the future stage: Work in lockstep with the leadership team and build a strong revops foundation together, helping us continue to be data driven, run tight experiments, and level up how we go to market and ultimately play to win

What You'll Bring To The Team

  • Start-up to scale-up: Strong track record, directly overseen revenue growth from Series A and beyond as a sales leader and hungry to do it again (maybe faster, stronger, smarter)
  • Technical sales/acumen: Experience selling technical products, and a solid understanding on how to navigate sales conversations with technical buyers across engineering and product
  • Enterprise sales: Experience successfully moving teams and companies up-market at Series A or B stage, with new product/feature offerings, improved sales motion, etc. Able to coach reps through this process as well.
  • Leader and coach: Able to lead IC’s across different stages of career. We have a diverse group of people on the team today, and we want to help future hires continually grow within Alloy too.
  • Data-driven and ops focused: Strong mind for data, analytics and insights. Leveraging strong understanding of revops, pipeline, conversion, and other KPIs, along with intuition and experience, to manage the team, make big (smart) bets and gain buy-in for decisions/changes
  • Winning culture: You’ve helped foster and build a culture of winning and high performance, which is critical as we’re remote and distributed, but also as we enter the next chapter of growth and success at Alloy

About Alloy Automation

Alloy is the connective tissue for the ecommerce software world

Today there are thousands of apps in the ecommerce world, most of which don't connect or integrate fully with each other. At Alloy (YC W20), we're building the missing connectivity layer for ecommerce. We integrate with hundreds of apps - ranging from Shopify and BigCommerce to Netsuite - so you don't have to.

Alloy Automation
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