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Product Manager, Developer Experience

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3+ years
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About the role

Alpaca is a fast-growing fintech API startup backed by a group of prominent investors including Spark, Portage, Social Leverage, Tribe, Horizons, Eldridge, Positive Sum, Elefund, and Y Combinator, and highly experienced industry angel investors. Alpaca has raised a total of $72 million to date.

As an API product company, we are committed to innovating the frontier of developer exierences. From API design/documents to community building and open source, it is the critical component of Alpaca's success. You will be responsible for the developer exierience across APIs and channels, by leveraging your own prior experience using various other APIs as a software engineer. This is a challenging position where depth of software engineering and business acument of the product management are both required. In addition, we would love you to have strong passion about how our API innovation changes the world!


  • Be in charge of API design (consistency, logicalness, ease of use, etc)
  • Be in charge of documenting API easily consumable way
  • Work with cross functional teams to make sure the API features are communicated to the developers
  • Build out tutorial, interactive demos, knowledge centers, educational materials
  • Converse with developers as the product specialist to help them (working with the support team)
  • Converse with developers to understand their needs, system/business requirements and reflect them to the future API development
  • Ideate developer contents and manage open source softwares as well as code snippets
  • Perform acceptance/user testing and be responsible for the delivered feature quality
  • Write specs and documentation (for internal users) of the (being) delivered features


  • Excited about what Alpaca is building
  • 5+ years of software engineering experiences including use of third party APIs
  • Strong knowledges and sense around developer communities
  • Strong knowledges in open source development
  • 2+ years of product management (be able to manage backlogs, to write user story tickets, manage scrums, define requirements and rodmapping etc)
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent 2+ years of experience in Product Management, Engineering, Consulting, and/or starting a startup
  • Strong written, verbal and collaboration skills

Why you should join Alpaca

Alpaca is a hyper growth financial technology company that is democratizing global access to financial markets starting with our API-first stock brokerage. In just two years, billions of dollars of securities are traded every month via our API and rapidly increasing.

Alpaca’s globally distributed team consists of developers, traders, and brokerage business specialists and backed by a group of well-capitalized investors including Spark Capital, Portag3, Social Leverage, Y Combinator as well as highly experienced industry angel investors. We are also very tech-enthusiastic with notable track records in open source and startup communities.

Team Size:123
Location:San Mateo, CA
Hitoshi Harada
Hitoshi Harada
Yoshi Yokokawa
Yoshi Yokokawa