LLM infrastructure for conversational UI

AI Engineer

$40K - $2.5M / 0.01% - 5.00%
San Francisco, CA, US / Zürich, ZH, CH
Job Type
3+ years
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Matthew Mirman
Matthew Mirman

About the role

Anarchy is looking for a founding engineer to help us democratize AGI development while advancing the capabilities of autonomous and human-controlled agents. The initial project will be working on the LLM-VM, a JIT for natural language.

Ideal Qualifications & Skills

  • BS/MS/PhD in AI+PL with publications in top journals.
  • Experience working with LLMs.
  • Experience writing compilers.
  • Contributions to well-used open-source projects.
  • Experience working in a team setting.
  • Flexibility: The job scope will change frequently as the company scales.

Office Life & Perks

  • We are located between Hayes Valley SF and Zurich Switzerland.
  • Hybrid-work: as this is for an early-stage role, we do require some regular physical presence in SF, but otherwise we strive to be a hybrid company.
  • Flexible-working hours/unlimited vacation.
  • We organize yearly off-sites to ski-chalets in the alps, and frequently enjoy the team-building powers of the redwoods and Sonoma.

About Anarchy

Anarchy provides open-source infrastructure for building conversational UIs with any LLM.

Team Size:1
Location:San Francisco
Matthew Mirman
Matthew Mirman