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Machine Learning Engineer

$3K - $7K
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1+ years
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Usman Gul
Usman Gul

About the role

Role Overview:

The ML Engineer role will be a part of the first few hires that will own building vector search to provide conversational interfaces as part of building Apollo Labs focused on conversational chatbots for a variety of use-cases. The ideal candidate will bring strong product instincts and will engage at a product-level, questioning and validating the rationale behind our thinking on product. In the early hires, our team is seeking out thought partners that can serve as strategy and product owners (and not necessarily ML engineers that are limited)

Role Requirements:

  • Prior experience with NLP, Vector Databases, Semantic Search, Text Embeddings, Existing ML Models such as BERT, GPT3, GPT4, InstructorXL etc.
  • Hands on experience with data pre-processing and cleansing, similarity analysis, topic modelling for keyword extraction, reinforcement learning techniques, named entity recognition and prompt engineering.
  • Prior experience of a scaled product is good to have!

Note: In the early stages, our team is seeking out hires that can wear multiple hats and can own the end outcome of launching a world-class and rapidly-evolving product. Additionally, Apollo is seeking candidates that can scale themselves.

About Apollo Group

A managed marketplace for virtual back office services. Our platform offers individuals and companies to get things done with turnkey delegation. You delegate projects to Apollo, which, then, works with "agents" on the back-end to get the work done.

Apollo is founded by second-time founders that previously raised $120m+ in venture financing for their first startup. Our vision is to redefine the future of work by offering turnkey delegation for all back office services.

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Usman Gul
Usman Gul