ARC: Advanced Robotic Construction

We build homes with robots.

Mechanical Engineer

Durham / Remote
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Barrett Ames

About the role

Our goal in the coming months at ARC is to automate the construction of home components, such as wall panels. As a mechanical engineer, you will help us meet this goal by designing end effectors for our robots using tools like SolidWorks, operating our 3D-printer, and contributing to the design of our factory.

We have over $107 million in letters of intent that we will begin fulfilling soon, and your work will be a crucial part of helping us progress fast enough technologically to meet that goal. If you want to be one of the very first people to work at an exciting new robotics company automating one of the biggest markets in the world, apply to join us at ARC!

Why you should join ARC: Advanced Robotic Construction

ARC is building houses with robots. The construction industry is facing a gigantic labor shortage that is contributing to our national shortage of affordable housing. We have already secured letters of intent to build homes and components of homes worth over $107 million. ARC's mission is to use technology to make construction more efficient, affordable, and sustainable.