AI powered Roblox

Arcane is building the AI powered Roblox. We allow anyone to create and play games, without writing code. Our first product, Summon Worlds, has tens of thousands of users who've created millions of Summons and used them to play AI powered games. Lucas and Rohan were both engineers at Meta. Rohan was a Principal SWE on Gen AI, AR Glasses and UI Frameworks, and Lucas was a Staff SWE on Gen AI/AR Glasses, and previously at Nvidia.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Group Partner:Harj Taggar

Active Founders

Rohan Mehta

Cofounder at Arcane. Previously spent 8 years at Meta as a principal software engineer on Gen AI, AR Glasses and UI frameworks. Based in New York. Now building AI powered games at Arcane.

Rohan Mehta
Rohan Mehta

Lucas Switzer

Cofounder at Arcane AI. Previously worked at Meta on AR Glasses and Gen AI. Now building an AI powered games platform at Arcane AI.

Lucas Switzer
Lucas Switzer

Company Launches

Hi everyone, we’re Lucas and Rohan, the founders of Arcane.

tl;dr — Arcane is making building games as simple as writing a Google doc. You can try any of the hundreds of role-playing games made by our users by downloading Summon Worlds on iOS or Android.

Building games is hard

So far, building a game has required lots of skilled experts: artists, game designers, content writers, and of course — programmers to write code. Generative AI will unlock the ability for anyone to create games.

  1. Thanks to generative AI, English is the new programming language. Instead of writing code in a code editor, you can just describe your game to an LLM.
  2. AI also unlocks new kinds of games: personalized games that never have to end and that adapt to the choices you make.

Our vision is to allow creative individuals to make games as complex and engaging as the best AAA games from game studios without needing to know programming or art.

Summon Worlds

Our first product, Summon Worlds, is used by thousands of people to craft text-based role-playing games. Users build intricate worlds with characters, locations, items, and stories — all using plain English. Our Arcane Engine then transforms the user’s vision into an AI-powered game. These games have custom art, exciting quests, engaging combat, and AI-powered characters that feel alive.

An example of a game world made by our users is World of Tawag, created by one of our talented users, Shane. It’s a story-driven adventure across a complex fantasy world. The World of Tawag has:

What’s next

This is just the start. We’re adding new features to build more complex, immersive games. We’re adding modules to our Arcane Engine that will allow creators to customize their games further and be in complete control of them. The games are already fun, but what excites us is that they’re also the worst they’ll ever be. New advances in AI are launching every day — video models, 3D asset generation, smarter models, and more. We’re incredibly excited to be building a consumer-facing company in such a lively space.

The Team

Rohan (right) spent 8.5 years at Meta as a Principal Software Engineer on Generative AI, AR Glasses, and UI frameworks. He’s also the creator of Subway Time, a transit app used by 10s of thousands of New Yorkers every day, and ranked as high as #14 in the App Store. Lucas (left) was a Staff Software Engineer at Meta on Generative AI and AR glasses and previously was at Nvidia. He’s also collected and built software on almost every consumer AR/VR device on the market. He proudly displays this collection as the first thing you see when you enter his apartment.

We met at Meta and worked together for 3 years on both Generative AI and AR Glasses, and we’re now excited to build the future of AI gaming together!


  • Try out Summon Worlds: create a world of your own, or play an adventure!
  • If you’ve always wanted to create games but didn’t know where to get started, come chat with us!