Banking as a Service for DeFi

Senior Engineer

$40k - $140k / 0.10% - 1.00%
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6+ years
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Ramkumar Venkataraman
Ramkumar Venkataraman

About the role

We are looking for senior engineers who will help shape the tech, product, and culture of the company. We are a pre-product-market fit company, so expect things to move fast (not a cliche) and change directions as we twist and turn to get to P-M fit.

What to expect

We are tech-stack agnostic in terms of the skill sets we are looking for, but the first version will have the following (expect this to change as we scale):

  • Backend in Typescript and Jest
  • Postgres + Prisma
  • Frontend in React + Next
  • AWS

You can expect to do some or all of the following:

  • Build clean, concise APIs for crypto trading and DeFi investing, along with the documentation
  • Integrate with multiple partners like exchanges, custody providers, and DeFi protocols
  • Build a clean, clutter-free UI. You will also be the product designer
  • A solid double-entry ledger that tracks everything going in and out
  • Fool-proof security across the stack - encryption, hashing, privacy, VPC, etc.
  • Smart router that selects the best exchange to route depending on price, liquidity, and success rates
  • Infrastructure as code - build terraform scripts and ensure easy replication of the infra across different regions
  • Research the top DeFi protocols to uncover better yields for our customers and evaluate their risk profiles, security, and historical returns
  • Evaluate the portfolio exposure across the different DeFi protocols and rebalance accordingly
  • Manage production deployments, logging, and monitoring

About you

  • Generalist, a solid engineer who can learn things on your own and have an eye for clean, tested and well-documented code
  • We don’t look at the number of years of work experience as a criterion, but rather see what you have done in your life so far (side projects, open-source contributions, blogs, etc.). We don’t care about degrees, the institutions you went to, or the companies you worked for before. We are open to talking as long as you have good judgment, great clarity, align with our values, and have a strong track record of thoughtful work
  • Understand the fundamentals of building and integrating APIs and secure systems. Bonus if you know a bit about blockchains and protocols
  • You can be strong on the backend, frontend, or can dabble everywhere. We want you to play to your strengths and will provide enough opportunities to learn and do things outside of your comfort zone
  • You can work full-time or half-time - we only ask that once you commit to doing something, you put in your focused and honest effort to do so

Our values

  • Fully async and remote
  • Autonomy: You can be anywhere in the world and work anytime you think you’re intense and focused.
  • Transparency: Since we are fully async, we document everything (customer calls, partnership arrangements, design, tasks) and we expect you to do the same.
  • Continuous 360 feedback: Everyone is expected to share constructive critical feedback with everyone else, including the founders. We believe it's the only way to grow.
  • Product-minded: Everyone shares the product ownership, so we expect everyone to do customer outreach, support, and talk to customers for feedback and new features. All metrics will be transparent and we only ask for a proactive mindset to understand the business and see how to improve.
  • Doers over talkers: We spend time figuring out the right direction to take and then execute intensely. No one is too senior to do a job - the CTO will code every day, the CEO will sell every day and everyone takes care of customer support on a schedule. We understand the difference between real work and pretense.
  • Humanity over everything else: We sell the product to businesses, but in reality, we sell it to real humans on the other side. Our end customers are consumers using the product integrated with our APIs, so we are building the world’s most human-centric company (no pun intended). Kindness is expected and empathy is the core value we’re looking for

About the interview

  1. Intro call with the CTO (Ram) - we will explain our product, traction, current state, hiring plans, and roadmap. We will get to know more about you (more of you "the person", your future plans and values than regurgitating your resume). This should be 30 minutes.
  2. Take-home ( - it has 2 pieces, coding, and design. The problem statement is designed to mirror the work we do in Arda and we hope you will at least learn a few things about ledgers that you weren't aware of before. If you have some code to share, we can skip the coding pieces of the assignment and focus exclusively on the design. This should not take more than 4 hours.
  3. Follow-up tech discussion - the design of the above problem, when you are ready. This should be 60-90 minutes.
  4. Final call with the CEO (Pranay) and offer - we will focus on values and culture fit. This will be for 30 minutes.

We can move as fast as you would like to.

Why you should join Arda

APIs for financial institutions to enable high yields from DeFi to their customers. We are global by default and have strong demand for the product.

Team Size:2
Location:Delhi, India
Pranay Shetty
Pranay Shetty
Ramkumar Venkataraman
Ramkumar Venkataraman