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Michael Ioffe
Michael Ioffe

About the role

We're looking to bring on a Talent and People Lead at Arist to help shape the most incredible employee lifecycle experience for our scaling team. Apart from our product and company vision, we care deeply about building a company that helps employees become more capable through engaging in their most remarkable and impactful work yet.

Some of your primary responsibilities will be : 

Building a World Class Team

  • Define and refine a hiring plan and manage a hiring pipeline end-to-end
  • Scale a fully-distributed workforce of both FTE and contractors
  • Create a best-in-class onboarding program for a remote-first environment

Executive Culture Builder

  • Build a modern and innovative philosophy to manage employee growth
  • Contribute insights and perspective on scaling remote-work at a fast-growing startup
  • Have strong instincts on identifying and escalating performance and cultural challenges

Strategic HR Experience

  • Spearhead policy and process development alongside executive leadership to drive alignment across the organization
  • Experience implementing a modern HR tech stack and managing HRIS processes
  • Be a valuable thought partner for headcount planning, org. design, career leveling, engagement, etc.
  • Have a robust HR background to handle people and payroll compliance
  • Manage best-in-class employee benefits for the organization


You’ll be great for this role if you have:

  • 5+ years of experience in people operations/people success/employee experience at a small/medium-sized high-growth technology startup
  • Your superpower is talent acquisition and hiring and onboarding, with either strong experience or ambition to also own HR and the entire employee lifecycle
  • Shared passion and understanding of Arist’s company culture, mission and values, and product, and a desire to champion how that evolves as we grow
  • Comfortable as a sole contributor and lean resources, and ambition to eventually scale and manage a people team
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills to build meaningful cross-functional relationships
  • Natural thought leader to work side-by-side with the executive team
  • Enterprising attitude where no problem is too big or too small and willingness to roll up their sleeves
  • Passion for unlocking talent and productivity in a remote-first environment

Salary Range: $130,000 to $160,000 

About Arist

🤳 Arist is the first message-based learning solution. We help leading organizations deliver learning to employees in the flow of work. 

Inspired by our founder's work with students from war-torn Yemen and trusted by dozens of leading companies, Arist is pioneering the use of short-form messages that meet learners where they are as a more accessible and effective form of digital learning and training.

Backed by Y Combinator, Craft Ventures, PeakSpan, Acadian Ventures, and the top Learning Executives, Arist is now used by 10% of the F500, helping customers create, deploy, and assess delivered all via SMS, WhatsApp, Slack and Teams. Over 95% of learners open a message within 3 minutes, leading to adoption rates and learning outcomes several times greater than any other digital learning tool.

🎯 Arist is the go-to solution for effectively delivering and measuring learning at scale.  We revolutionize the way people learn by delivering the right learning at the right place and right time.


Arist in the news:

Series A Announcement/ Tech Crunch /Forbes /CLO "Must have"

Why you should join Arist

Backed by Y Combinator, Acadian Ventures, and Soma Capital, Arist is a text message learning platform helping Fortune 500 companies and large organizations — including DuPont, GE, and the State of California — create, deploy, and assess text message courses.

Our long-term vision is to deliver critical knowledge and training to anyone in the world, regardless of traditional learning barriers, one text message at a time.

What's a text message course?

A series of texts, images/GIFs, and interactive exercises/questions delivered over 5 to 30 days via SMS or WhatsApp. Backed by research from Stanford and Harvard, text message courses see ~10x the completion and satisfaction rates of other learning mediums.

In fact, we view text message courses as a brand-new content medium, with a variety of impactful use cases ranging from preventing misinformation to COVID-19 training in refugee camps to DEI training for startups.

Why text messages?

A majority of the world's population — including frontline employees, distributed teams, and remote audiences — has access to SMS and WhatsApp. Meanwhile, internet access is limited globally, making video courses inaccessible to over 3 billion people, including 30 million Americans.

As well, it can also take months to build a traditional workshop or video course, while text message courses can be built and deployed in a day — by one person — ensuring frictionless transfer of knowledge. Writers have to get to the point, so learners get the most valuable insights, concepts, and case studies.

The best part? 95% of people read a text within 3 minutes. As a result, we help create and deliver content employees love in a way that they will actually read and engage with. Don't take our word for it — try a text message course about text message courses here.

Team Size:21
Location:New York
Michael Ioffe
Michael Ioffe
Ryan Laverty
Ryan Laverty
Joseph Passanante
Joseph Passanante