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Technical Support Engineer

$50K - $100K
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3+ years
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About the role

Armory are looking for a passionate Technical Support Engineer with a deep-rooted foundation in DevOps and Open Source Technology. The Technical Support Engineer will seek to deliver delightful customer experiences while leveraging their sharp technical edge and background.

The Technical Support Engineer will be responsible for the entire customer journey from beginning of case creation, to resolution. This will include developing subject matter expertise within the Technical Support department and collaborating with cross-functional teams to learn rapidly, but thoroughly. The successful candidate will be a self-motivated learner who is able to pick up new technologies and skill-sets at a rapid pace. This is a customer-facing role in a highly collaborative and fast-paced environment and therefore requires exceptional soft skills with the bandwidth to prioritize and juggle several customer issues at once.

Needs for the Role Technical Skills: • Experience with AWS Cloud Service Infrastructure deploying and working with Instances, Security, Storage, and troubleshooting in the cloud, (2-3 years working Experience) • Understanding and ability to debug/write YAML and JSON scripting • Basic knowledge of DevOps and the SDLC lifecycle • Experience with enterprise-level application and infrastructure support • Experience working with Linux and/or UNIX • Managing tickets in a ticket queue, with a major ticketing system

Non Technical Skills: • Experience working support and business-to-business customer-facing technical situations (3 years) • Handle highpriority, production system issues (2 years) • Proficiency with case documentation and digital communications (3 years) • Experience writing knowledge articles and community contributions (3 years) • Experience managing the entire customer issue lifecycle from case creation, to development escalation, to resolution (3 Years) • Exceptional customer-facing soft skills • Ability to triage, investigate and replicate blocked customer issues • Experience writing escalation tickets to fully describe customer issues and dive deep into root causes • Ability to co-ordinate with other teams and to help make decisions on customer priorities.

Nice to Haves for the Role Technical Skills: • Understanding of Virtualization and Containerization Concepts and Administration of Kubernetes (1 Year) CKA or CKAD an asset • Knowledge of network infrastructure.  Understanding of Load Balancers, IP Addresses and subnets • Understanding and ability to debug/write Java/GoLang • Experience with Git and GitHub • Understanding the responsibilities of DevOps clients and their challenges • Ability to troubleshoot network infrastructure issues.   • Experience with databases, specifically querying databases, and database configuration (Redis, MySQL, Aurora and RDS Infrastructure)

Non Technical Skills: • Experience with time management, case load management, help desk management • Research and develop solutions and improvements on a team-level

About Armory

Armory accelerates software deployment velocity through automation and safety ...while expediting 'time to value' and boosting developer efficiency.

As enterprises move from data centers into the cloud, break monoliths into microservices, and look to deploy workloads to the optimal multi-cloud target environment (and generally move faster, safely), they'll need Armory's enterprise Spinnaker distribution, which enables sophisticated multi-cloud deployment strategies that leverage advanced features like: 1-click rollbacks, automated canaries, certified deployment pipelines, automated load testing, SLA-driven rollouts/rollbacks, red/black deployments, chaos engineering and flexible deployment pipelines.

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Ben Mappen
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