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Full Stack Engineer

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3+ years
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Moncef Biaz
Moncef Biaz

About the role

Why you should join us

  • Because we are early, your work will have a tremendous impact. For example, your efforts will help us streamline internal operations through engineering—a fascinating challenge that is key to our ability to scale.
  • You will work hand in hand with Artifact CTOs: Moncef Biaz (UC Berkeley, Lead Engineer at Knowhere News, Charlie Finance) & Martin Gouy (UC Berkeley, Lead Data Scientist at Euclid [acquired], Wework).
  • You’ll get to work on building a meaningful product that brings joy and a sense of connection to thousands of people.

You can check us out on The Today Show, read about us on TechCrunch, and listen to an Artifact featuring Twitch co-founders Michael Seibel & Justin Kan.

Tech Stack

Our stack is Django & React. We expect you to come in with a working knowledge of these frameworks. Your code will be deployed to production and put in front of our customers within a few days!


Each project will involve refining the specs with the product team, scoping, architecture design, and implementation. Our sprint cadence is one week, so expect a fast iteration pace and a lot of variety.

Sample projects:

  • Designing a permissioning system architecture allowing customers to securely share their Artifact’s with loved ones.
  • Streamlining internal operations: implement an internal file management system allowing interviewers to receive their interview recordings and deliver edited Artifacts.
  • Augmenting the Artifacts surface by making it not only an audio recording but allowing customers to leave comments and upload photos.


We are looking for someone who:...

  • Strongly identifies with Artifact’s mission to help everyone tell their story.
  • Values simplicity and fast iteration. Our philosophy is to prototype a minimum viable product and get early feedback from our customers to improve it.
  • Is rigorous. Your code should be easily readable and maintainable, to minimize chances of shipping bugs (particularly hurtful with a consumer product).
  • Has a product and consumer mindset. We’re not building the product for us. If users don’t find it sleek and intuitive, it doesn’t pass the bar.
  • Thrives for continuous learning and collaboration. We believe the key to building a world class team is open and honest communication while always seeking to learn from our peers.

A little more about Artifact

<a href=" " target="_blank"><img src="" alt="The Artifact Story" width="480" height="360" border="10" /></a>

We are working remotely at the moment. The right person for this role will be +/- 3 hours, by time zone from San Francisco (e.g., NYC is totally fine).


Why you should join Artifact

Artifact makes it easy to record stories with the most important people in your life.

We set them up with a professional interviewer through our marketplace and we make it easy, from scheduling interviews to delivering a polished edit that wouldn’t sound out of place on NPR. We then host their stories in shareable, interactive listening experiences.

Since launching, we’ve facilitated thousands of interviews in multiple languages across six continents, and have been named by the Wirecutter (NYT) as one of the best family gifts for two years running (2020, 2021). We’re well-capitalized.

Here’s a full Artifact we are allowed to share publicly—most are private—with two sisters reminiscing about a wild bat mitzvah!

We believe that a world where everyone builds their story with Artifact is a world where everyone’s story is heard.

Team Size:10
Location:San Francisco
Moncef Biaz
Moncef Biaz
Ross Chanin
Ross Chanin
Martin Gouy
Martin Gouy
George Quraishi
George Quraishi