AI Employees Called Artisans, Starting With A BDR

At Artisan, we're on a mission to create AI Employees, called Artisans, and the software operating system for startups across verticals. We're starting with sales through our Artisan Sales platform and Ava, The Sales Rep Artisan. With our first Artisan, Ava, we're taking the concept of an AI SDR to the next level. Ava automates the entire outbound email process: - Finding leads that match their ICP - Enriching them with public data & 3rd party sources - Choosing a sales strategy and writing hyper-personalized emails to them - Managing deliverability with a suite of tools - from email warmup to placement tests. - Operating the platform for you, so you can sit back and watch the hot leads roll in. This is the next Industrial Revolution.

Jobs at Artisan

San Francisco, CA, US / New York, NY, US / Remote (New York, NY, US; San Francisco, CA, US)
$110K - $150K
0.10% - 0.75%
3+ years
San Francisco, CA, US / New York, NY, US / Remote (US)
$120K - $200K
0.25% - 1.00%
6+ years
IN / Remote (IN)
$25K - $50K
3+ years
Team Size:11
Location:San Francisco
Group Partner:Pete Koomen

Active Founders

Jaspar Carmichael-Jack

I previously founded an on-demand home services app in London and a full-service creative and growth agency, where we worked with startups and enterprises to bring new brands to market. I'm deeply passionate about the impact tech can have on the world, and specifically the opportunity we have to kickstart another Industrial Revolution with AI.

Jaspar Carmichael-Jack
Jaspar Carmichael-Jack

Rupert Dodkins

Rupert Dodkins holds a Ph.D. and postdoc in astrophysics from the Universities of Oxford and California. He has over 10 years of experience in machine learning and data science. At Artisan we're building fully end-end digital workers that learn and interact like a human.

Rupert Dodkins
Rupert Dodkins

Company Launches

After months of relentless work, we present Ava: the first Artisan. Ava is a BDR, and she’ll take your outbound demand generation to new heights.

Here’s How She Works

When you first enter the platform, Ava will lead you through a 10-minute onboarding conversation. With this, she’ll have all of the information she needs to run your outbound campaign.

Ava will scrape your website and use the onboarding conversation to create a knowledge base on your company, which she’ll use to write emails.

Ava will prospect leads at scale, using our database of over 270 million contacts. She will gather 10s of data points on each.

Ava will ghostwrite & send 1000s of tailored emails to prospects on your behalf, using information provided by you and your website to understand your product, and publicly available information about leads.

Ava will respond to prospects’ replies with the primary objective of booking sales meetings into your calendar. (Please note this feature is currently in Beta and you will be required to manually review all emails for the next few weeks.)

Who Is Ava For?

We primarily built Ava for B2B SaaS startups with early product-market fit. Ava can take your market traction and pour fuel on the fire! 🔥

**To hire Ava, head to https://artisan.co/ava-sales-rep, or email **jaspar@artisan.co

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