Turning science into regulatory submissions in minutes, not months.

Artos is an AI-based document-drafting platform that helps life sciences companies turn their data into regulatory submissions in minutes. These submissions currently take months and are the final hurdle before life sciences companies are allowed to sell their product.

Jobs at Artos

San Francisco, CA, US
3+ years
Team Size:2
Group Partner:Surbhi Sarna

Active Founders

Josh Kim

Josh is co-founder and CEO of Artos. Josh previously led translational AI initiatives at the University of Chicago Medicine, where he developed best-in-class AI tools for use cases ranging from clinical trial endpoint analysis to medical devices for real-time symptom management. Prior to that, Josh worked on commercial and regulatory strategy at several biotech companies. Josh has a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago.

Josh Kim
Josh Kim

Varun Patel

Varun is a co-founder and CTO at Artos. He studied Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago and has a Masters in Translational Medicine from UCSF/UC Berkeley. He previously worked as a Software Engineer in the healthcare/medtech space, where he developed ML enabled mobile applications for dementia caregivers and improved insurance infrastructure at the largest healthcare company in the world. In his free time, you can find him biking, hiking, or climbing something.

Varun Patel
Varun Patel

Company Launches

⏱️ TL;DR: Instead of paying lots of money to contractors or spending hundreds of hours writing out documents for regulatory submissions, life sciences teams use our platform to synthesize their data and information on a product into high-quality first drafts of protocols and other documents in minutes, iterate sections in seconds, and meet rigorous document quality standards with near-zero effort. Set up a meeting or email us to learn more.

We’re Varun and Josh, and we’re the founders of Artos. We met in college at the University of Chicago on pretty different paths: Varun was studying Molecular Engineering and Neuroscience and had taken a job as a Software Engineer at United Healthcare, and Josh was studying Economics and had an early offer from Harvard for graduate school.

We started working together after Josh joined an AI lab at UChicago Medicine. One day, Josh reached out to Varun for some help on an AI-based medical device product he was working on, and the two of us have been working together since. Artos was born out of our own experiences with the life sciences’ regulatory submissions process.

📁 What are regulatory submissions and why do they matter?

Life sciences’ regulatory submissions - like INDs and PMAs - and similar filings can be thousands of pages long. They contain an exhaustive amount of detail about everything related to a new drug or medical device because these submissions are how health agencies like the FDA decide whether and how a product can be used.

The information for these submissions is spread across a company: experiment reports, meeting notes, conference presentations, and more. A significant amount of the effort that goes into writing these submissions is spent on compiling, reviewing, citing, and writing up that information in the right format for the final submission, which easily adds weeks or months to timelines.

✅ Our solution

Artos’s document-drafting platform helps life sciences companies put together their submission documents in half the time.

Teams can connect to the sources of data they’d usually use to write up a given document, select a template or a sample document they want to base the new document on and get a first draft in minutes.

Teams can iterate on sections in seconds.

They can use a suite of tools to search documents, find source documentation quickly, and implement changes made in one part of a document across the rest of the document or a larger set of documents.

And, of course, we do all this while keeping a company’s data hypersecure.

🙏 Our ask

  1. Set up a meeting or email us to learn more and get your company onboarded.
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  3. Please intro us to folks on clinical teams at biotech/pharma/medical devices! Here’s a short blurb: “Artos is a company started by AI researchers and engineers with backgrounds in biotech/medical devices. They’re building a document-drafting platform to help life sciences companies put together their submission documents in half the time. Contact founders@artosai.com for more.”

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