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Benji Encz
Benji Encz

About the role

About Ashby

At Ashby, we're building powerful, delightful, high quality software to help companies be the absolute best at hiring. Prior to starting Ashby, our Co-Founder and CEO, Benji, experienced the limitations of current products first hand. We believe the most promising productivity improvements have yet to be built, and we have a relentless focus to make them a reality.

We’ve not launched publicly yet, but we already have happy (paying) customers who prefer us over our competition, including: Opendoor, Plaid, Figma, Airtable, Snyk, and Benchling. We’re also backed by great investors, including YCombinator, Elad Gil, and Lachy Groom. We’ll share more once we meet.

We've only scratched the surface of how Ashby can help our customers. It's the perfect time to join.

Our Philosophy

Here are a few key points that should give you an idea of what it is like to work with us:

  • We invest a lot in common building blocks that allow us to build powerful and customizable products fast. At the core of Ashby is a set of common components (analytics modelling and query language, policy engine, workflow engine) which we are constantly improving.

  • Customers use Ashby every day, so we put a lot of effort into designing products that are approachable to beginners but mastered & extended by power users. In many ways, spreadsheets set the bar here.

  • We strongly believe that small teams with very talented people (and the right work environment) deliver much better performance than teams with large headcount. We hire and compensate accordingly.

  • Our users’ pain is our pain. Engineers conduct user interviews, Slack with our customers, and work closely with them to define, design, and implement solutions.

  • We value each other’s time so we can maximize our impact. We accomplish this by doing lots of research and writing specs before building, investing in automation, and practicing efficient and deliberate communication. Engineers average 36 hours of focus time per week (and it’s only increased over time).

We value a strong sense of ownership and principled thinking over experience - we’ll get into these and other values during the hiring process.

About this Role

Saving an engineer five minutes of frustration a day, when added up over time and team size, is impactful (and that’s not even counting the harder to measure improvement in happiness). We believe developer experience is critical to our success, which is why we’ve invested in it as a team and want to continue investing in with a full-time role.

As our first developer productivity engineer, you will define and own the future of developer experience at Ashby. You’ll work with an experienced, talented, and collaborative team that shares your passion for creating an engineering environment unhindered and empowered by tools. You should have a strong desire to identify pain points in our current engineering workflows (e.g. CI takes a long time to run due to a very large test suite), the intuition and research skills to come up with solutions, and a bias for action to implement them.

Our technology stack is: TypeScript (frontend & backend), Node.js, React, Apollo GraphQL, Postgres, Redis, and a little bit of Python.

We prefer candidates with at least 3 years of experience as an engineer. This role requires versatility (you’ll be moving across languages and frameworks) and empathy with engineers, so we’re looking for someone who’s built and shipped software at scale (or helped teams do it in a similar role as this one).

You Could Be a Great Fit If

  • You find genuine satisfaction in helping other fellow engineers be more productive.

  • You are language agnostic and enjoy learning the intricacies of each one you pick up.

  • You love diving deep into complex technical issues and finding elegant solutions.

  • You are persistent in pursuing optimal solutions, even if they are challenging.

  • Big bonus if you have contributed to open source projects and/or have written or spoken about relevant tooling issues in the past.

Beyond the above, we believe that this series of tweets is a great summary of what makes an amazing software engineer. We know this kind of talent is rare and we're excited to pay top of market to have you join us!

Examples of Things You’ll Work On

  • Build tooling to automate and streamline the frustrating parts of on-call rotation so it’s a joy not a burden for engineers (we think it can be done!).

  • Improve automatic PR assignment so it takes into consideration engineers on vacation, their working hours, and more.

  • Investigate and contribute to open source libraries like jest and ts-jest to reduce the memory usage of tests.

  • Create a tool to debug our workflow engine that visualizes an active workflow, what nodes have executed, and a log of what actions were taken by the system.

  • Build a CLI tool that runs our local environment and allows engineers to register required or optional services without modifying the CLI source code.

  • Reduce our CI build time by parallelizing tests and other processes using services like GitHub Actions.

Your First Two Months at Ashby

By the end of your second month, you’ll deliver at least one large, impactful feature from research to specification to delivery. We’ll help get you there by pairing you with another engineer to onboard you and introduce you to how Ashby delivers impactful changes to customers. On your first day, they’ll help you run a script to get your dev environment setup (it’s that easy!) and commit your first change to production. In your first two weeks, the team will introduce you to our customers, our product, and key architecture through training sessions. You’ll also fix bugs and add small features to Ashby to get familiar with our code base. From there, you’ll take on projects of increasing scope (with guidance from your onboarding engineer) until you’re ready to take on your large, impactful feature.


  • You’ll get the time to do things the right way; we put a lot of emphasis on high quality work and avoid quick hacks as much as possible.

  • You get to use your own product (we use Ashby for our own hiring!)

  • Competitive compensation including equity

  • 10 year exercise window for stock options

  • Top notch health insurance for you and your dependents with all premiums covered by us (U.S.)

  • 401(k) matching (U.S.)

Ashby provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce and welcome people from all backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and abilities.

Why you should join Ashby

We’re building the next generation of enterprise software and we’re starting with a suite of products that help talent leaders, recruiters, and hiring managers run their hiring process significantly better (we haven’t shared much publicly about what we’re building yet, but we’ll be more specific once we meet).

We are well funded and backed by great investors, including Y Combinator, Elad Gil and Lachy Groom.

We have not launched publicly yet, but we're already working with amazing companies, such as Plaid, Airtable, Snyk, Benchling and SalesLoft (and many others which we cannot name yet).